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Digital Agency Managing Director
Chief Data Officer
Digital Manager
Marketplace Director
Chief Digital Officer
Marketing Director

In-depth Digital skills verification

SEO specialist
CRM Manager
Digital Strategy Director
Head of Data Business Intelligence
Ad Operations Specialist

Body leasing

SEO Director
E-commerce Project Manager
Social Media Manager
Marketing Manager
Digital Manager
Media Manager
Digital Graphic Designer

HR Advisory

E-commerce Agency Managing Director
Digital Media Manager
Chief Digital Officer

Our expertise

  • Managing Digital and Media agencies
  • Launching Digital agencies
  • Development of Digital tools and services
  • Managing Digital Marketing CEE team
  • Building Digital Marketing teams in-house
  • Digital specialists outsourcing
  • Members of major branch organizations and associations
Know How Leasing - Bartłomiej Popławski

Bartłomiej Popławski

Deep expertise in Digital and experience in project management on corporate and agency sides helps him to successfully lead recruitments on most important Digital marketing roles such as Digital media, programmatic and e-commerce.

Mirosław Kępiński

Experienced marketing manager and team leader. He leads KHL recruiting team, manages recruitments and effectively delivers candidates for roles in Digital Marketing and Sales
Know How Leasing - Mirosław Kępiński
Know How Leasing - Maciej Wokitajtis

Maciej Wokitajtis

One of the most recognized experts in development of creative-technology solutions for marketing. He is specialized in body leasing and candidates research for roles such as: creative, graphic design, technology, web development.


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